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French Twinks

An Uncontrollable Erection.

While the young Maël Dumas reads quietly, Justin Leroy comes to spray him with a water gun and throws himself on him to tickle him. Touching the crotch of Mael, Justin discovers he has a boner and pointed him out. Although a little embarrassed at the beginning, Mael has a big smile and asks Justin if he wants to see his cock. It doesn’t take more for the two twinks to kiss, undress, masturbate each other and suck in turn. Mael is then interested in the nice little ass of the blonde and fuck him with an incredible passion. A sweet mix of power and sensuality that will lead them both to cum.

French Twinks

Orgy on the French Riviera.

Justin Leroy and his boyfriend Lucas Bouvier do a short trip on the French Riviera and as they drive along the sea, they see Maël and Ethan who take in the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Justin and Lucas decide to go greet these two pretty twinks and invite them to take a ride in their cabriolet. The four boys will indulge in a little exhibition game in an idyllic location and suck each other in the car. The afternoon will continue in the bedroom of Justin and Lucas where couples will mix and fuck with passion before cumming in turns on Mael covering his body and face with hot cum.